Saturday, February 12, 2011

Faith Unravel

I am a believer.
And when I say such, it means I stand firm for my faith and not my religion. I accept the teachings of the church but more to that, I understand the enlightenment He is showing me. I respect the stand of the church but I admire more His sincerity in serving His people. Having a religion is way too different from having a strong and unbreakable faith.

My journey in discovering what faith really means was tough. I had to unleash myself from what it seemed like quick sand of weaknesses and disappointments. It was a Herculean battle between my ego as a worldly person and His voice directing me to the right but tormenting path. It took time before I tossed away my mundane attitudes and finally gave up myself and everything else to my Mighty Creator. It was hard to turn my back from what used to be my world but in the end, it was the best decision I ever made in my entire life.

If you are observant enough, you will, for sure, pin- point what’s wrong with people’s belief. Inside the Holy House, you see people earnestly praying for their petitions. They look so sincere in praising and worshiping Him. Seeing them can make you say, “wow, these people have a very strong faith in God”. But the truth is, they’re like Pharisees praying in loud voices just to amaze people. Empty tin cans with a nice cover to woo the “not-so-strong-faith-people”.

However, these kinds of beliefs don’t last long. Sooner or later God will work His way into your life. He will slap you big time for you to realize that you’re leading yourself to your early death- a meaningless death. He will pull you out in your chosen life and will put you in an even harder experience- a challenge that looks like a maze with no ending. He will do these things to hurt you, to wound you. He wants to see you bleeding. He wants all of these not because He is happy seeing you getting hurt but because these are the only ways for you to appreciate the value of looking up to Him. And when such time in your life comes, learn to open up your heart and mind for the changes God wants to take place. Don’t resist the enticement of God’s Holy Grace. Instead, have a reaction like magnets- when He is calling you, you should have no other reaction but to be attracted to Him.

Yes, standing firm with your new faith is not easy. There are times that you will step backward and you will feel like you can’t do it- that you can’t surrender yet your worldly character. You don’t have to be rattled, you just simply need to kneel down and pray. Ask for guidance and resistance from temptation. No need to worry that you might go back to your old self. Just like how God waited for the perfect time to change you, your full acceptance of what God wants you to do will come- in His own perfect time. And when you finally accepted God’s definition of faith, that would be the only time for you to realize the real purpose why God took time to design your life. Yes, you do exist for one unique purpose.

Faith is not about how well you follow your religion’s teachings and laws. It’s not how loyal you are in attending church activities. It’s not how often you visit your church or how many Saints you are praying to. Faith is all about your conviction to God’s unending grace and forgiveness. It is about how well you will reject all other thoughts and just focus your heart and mind to God. But more importantly, faith in God is the most powerful armor we have to keep us going in life when everybody else is asking us to retreat and just give up. Faith will never fail us.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Letter to God

Dear Mr. God,

SK and Barangay Election is just a blink of an eye away.. And I know that every candidate wants to win.. But why is it that they are being cruel just to get what they want? And worse they are doing rude things in front of our youth.. Why is it that they are so desperate to win when all they have are false reasons to serve our town? They are only after the power and glory that being a politician gives.I always believed that the youth are the hope of this nation but how can they fulfill this duty when as early as now, they are being blinded by the fake definition of LEADERSHIP. They are being CONTROLLED by UNCONCERNED individuals. Why on earth these kinds of people existed? Why were these youth put on the wrong hands?

Mr. GOD, You know all the questions and concerns I have in my heart. You know how much I really care for these young people and that I don't want anything for them but the best. Please enlighten their hearts on what is SK Election all about and why it exists. Please open their hearts so that they can let You in and purify their intentions for running. Please light their way so that they may not get blinded by the false guidance EVIL PEOPLE is giving them. Please please please save them as early as now so that they will not be like those leaders who have CORRUPTS MINDS and BULL CRAP INTENTIONS. Mr. God I'm lifting all these concerns I have in my heart and mind. And I know that You'll answer my prayer.

Monday, October 18, 2010

An Open Letter for MY PYM

I don’t know how to start. I don’t know what to say. My heart is overwhelming with all the good memories you’ve brought into my life. My mind is overflowing with all the lessons that you taught me. But I guess I need to organize my thoughts and start writing down what I want to tell you guys.

I’m writing to you guys because I’m leaving already. I’m leaving not because I don’t want to be with you anymore but because I’m going back to Manila to work on my desired career. Honestly, I don’t want to leave. I hate counting the days and realizing that I only have a week to stay here. I’m really hoping that time would freeze or rewind itself. But that’s too far from reality. I guess this is the price that we have to pay as we get older.

It has been a splendid year for this group. In my how many years of serving the Lord I can’t remember an instance that the youth ministry was sustained this long. This is the first time that it survived for one whole year and I’m really happy about it. Besides my family and friends, youth are the next people closest to my heart. Not because I used to be one of you guys but because I feel grateful having to share all life’s lessons to me. I love it when you share your problems with me and I get to help you with all the advices I can give. I’m so honored everytime you thank me and tell me that I was a great help for your concerns. I’m very well pleased everytime I see all of you smiling. Just simply happy. You just don’t know how joyful I am when I’m with you guys and everytime we’re complete.

Taking care all of you is not easy. Honestly, somehow, you guys are big pain in my ass. Most of you are super “kulet” especially when everybody is present. Sometimes my patience is about to snap but I always tell myself that it’s not everyday that we get to see each other especially now that several of our members are already in college. Sometimes I also get tired of reminding you not to do this and not to do that. I feel like you don’t listen to me but then again I realize that when I was at your age I acted the same way. That’s why no matter what you do guys, just like how your parents act, I will keep on bugging you until you learn what you have to learn. Sorry but I’m your ate and I don’t want you to go the wrong direction. I don’t want you to follow the footsteps of those youth whose future are now as dark as hell because nobody guided them. I’m so attached to PYM that I only want what’s best for everyone.

Just a reminder by the way. For those members who are running for this year’s SK Election, please guys, no fighting. No personal attacks. If you’re gonna make your campaigns, speeches or whatever you need to do for your candidacy keep in mind, that you belong to one group. ALL OF US are sisters and brothers in CHRIST. And the bond that we have will not be ruined because of this election. WHOEVER will throw a personal attack on their opponent, I swear I will kick your ass out of this group. Do you get that people?

Okay. I’m lost with my thoughts again. I don’t know how to end this letter. But I guess I’ll just end it by thanking each of you for keeping this organization alive. Thank you for going an extra mile just to serve not just PYM but Him as well. Thank you for entrusting your life to PYM and to us. Thank you for a one whole year of execeptional memories. As I journey without you guys beside me, I will treasure these things in my heart. And I will forever be grateful for having to meet all of you. Always keep in mind as well, all the things that we taught you. And if you need someone to lean on for your problems and someone to share your happiness, you know where and how to find me. ALL OF YOU are such wonderful creations of GOD. I love you all.

Please don’t give Kuya Bonn, Ate M.M, Ate Grace Ate Lala Ate Lota and Ate Shalani headaches this coming YBD ha? Behave. Be good. Okay?

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Own Definition of VICTORY

On my way home.

I don’t usually bring out my laptop when travelling but at this very moment, I can’t contain what I’m feeling. I have mixed emotions. Sad. Happy. Anger. Hatred. I guess that’s how it feels when one wanted things to turn out okay but unfortunately, wish was not granted.

Game 3 denied..

My, or should I say, OUR TAMARAWS just lost to the EAGLES. A heartbreaking loss. Everyone or at least the FEU Community and other fans were expecting for a do or die game on Saturday but unfortunately the more experienced Eagles hawked down the exceptional Tamaraws. If I may, I would say that their game was a battle between experience and talent. For five years FEU was not able to reach the Finals compared to Ateneo who had a trip to the Finals several times and won the championship two years in a row. Our veterans never had a taste of how it is to play in crucial games like Game 2. Yes, they have the talent, they are good, they have a great team effort but these things were not enough to melt down the inevitable knowledge and skills Ateneo garnered. Nevertheless, eventhough FEU was denied in their bid for Game 3, the important thing was, they got to experience how to play in the Finals. From there, they can start to rebuild the broken TAMARAW spirit and start to digest EVERYTHING they learned from their defeat. So that next season, they will not just have the talent and aspiration to win, but also, they have the experience that will drive them to FINALLY bring back the trophy to Morayta.

No game-fixing..

After Game 1, articles flooded the internet saying that FEU did their best to be defeated and that the game was “benta”. I strongly disagree on that. I have two points to raise on this matter. First one, Ateneo is way ahead of FEU when it comes to experience. They have been to the Finals couple of times and some of their veterans belong to the championship team. From that, FEU is the underdog. Most of their veterans never seen action in the Finals. And as they always say, “iba pa rin kapag finals”. Everyone is back to zero come championship games. It does not matter whether you’re the top team or the defending champion. For the Finals game, it is a matter of experience and the ability not to let pressure eat you up. Talent counts but familiarity on how Finals is being played dictates the story. Second point, if the game was really “benta” then who are we going to blame? All FEU players did not play their usual game. No one was consistent. Everyone was shocked on how Ateneo started their run. So does that mean, EVERYONE sold the game? Then the culprit must be very very rich because he/she was able to buy the whole team. Kudos to them then!

Just a simple reminder for those who are doubting FEU, unless you have PROOFS that the game was “benta” then that would be the only time for you to write all your accusations. But no one yet is proven guilty so please stop bullying OUR TAMARAWS.

Heart of a Tamaraw..

I admit, I’m sad that we did not win the championship but more to that, I am grateful because the TAMARAWS were able to bounce back from that embarassing Game 1 setback. Like what I always say, a TAMARAW will never bow down to defeat without putting a good fight and they just showed that. They did not give up until the end. They did their best to beat Ateneo but the Eagles wanted the crown as much as we do. For me, the TAMARAWS pulled out a great game and they deserve our praises. They are worthy to be RESPECTED on and off court. And I know that the other teams, not just Ateneo, are clapping their hands for how they played just to keep our hopes alive. We should not blame anybody for what happened, what’s done is done and we just have to continue supporting them. They need us now more than ever. For the TAMARAWS, your loss will not change anything. We are still proud of you guys and you will always be the BEST TEAM for us. FEU community will never get tired of cheering for you and we will always be happy for whatever achievement you can bring to our Alma Mater. And no matter what happens, just like what a friend said, OUR HEARTS WILL ALWAYS BLEED GREEN AND GOLD. We are proud to be TAMARAWS.


Photos courtesy of INBOUNDPASS.COM

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yes! Finally..

Haha! I have been wanting to post a blog regarding my trip to Singapore but I was too busy sending my resume online and going to companies for a walk in interview. But sad to say, lady luck was not on my side. I'm still jobless here. But again, I still have two weeks before my visa expires so i guess that would be enough time for me to find a job.

Going back, Singapore is a very nice and clean place. Not even a very tiny candy wrapper is scattered. Dried leaves are the only "mess" that you will see around. People here are much disciplined. Well, I guess you really have to be that way if you are living in the so called "fine city".

With my two- week stay here I can say that I was able to adapt easily to their way of living. People here usually take the MRT and buses to reach their destination.s For their MRT, they have three lanes- green, red and purple. For each lane there would be an interchange where people can ride to a different train so that they can travel to a different lane. Example, from our place, if I want to go Bugis( Green Lane), i just need to ride the MRT( Admiralty Station- Red Lane) and alight in City Hall Station. This station has an interchange which means that it has both red and green lane. So i just need to alight from the train and transfer to the train across it so that I will be able to reach Bugis station.

For their buses, you need to memorize the bus number that will take you to a particular place. For example, from our place, if i want to go to woodlands to attend the mass, i will just take bus number 913, alight in Woodlands station then take another bus, 912 which will stop just across the church. Are you confused now? Haha! Well i was. It's really hard to understand by just listening to the instruction. You have to experience it yourself so that you will learn.And by the way, Singapore has its own version two-decker bus. Haha! I was able to ride one already.

Oh! I almost forgot, for both the bus and the mrt, one mode of payment is being used. It is called top up. It is the same with the lrt card it's just that, the top up is like a cellphone that you need to recharge so that you can continue using it. This is more convenient because you will not be needing to get money in your wallet every now and then every time you will be paying for your fare. before you ride the bus or mrt you need to swipe your top up and you will do the same thing when you alight. You will be able to see how much balance you have everytime you swipe your top up and you will also receive a message stating that if you already need to re-load your card.

Next will be the places where I have been. First will be in Orchard. We went a day after the pay day so a friend treated me. We went to Food Republic to eat. This is like our food court back home. Most of the foods are chinese and thai. I'm not a fan of those types of foods but i gave it a shot. Ate mimi ordered Prawn Noodles. And honestly, it's one of the best that i have ever tasted though it's a bit spicy because of the chili sauce. I have a picture of it but that was after I ate. I forgot to take a picture of it before I had a mouthful of it. Haha!

By the way, unlike in the Philippines, each food stall offers different types of foods. If you chose to sell Korean Foods you need to stick with it. They also have a different stall for drinks. You need to buy your drinks separately. I guess that is a smart strategy so that everyone will be able to sell their products.

Another thing about their foods, most of it are spicy. I guess that explains why several of the people here, well, do not smell good. Really! When i say they don't smell good, they honestly don't smell better than someone who has not taken a bath for three days. Ugh! Disgusting. And I am really discussing this when I am talking about food. Great! Haha! Going back with foods, I have not really tasted much of their cuisines since it is very seldom that we go out. Plus the fact that I have limited budget, I can't afford to just spend my small amount of money for food. Haha!

Hmmm. What else can I share. Oh! I was able to see the boutiques of two famous names for bags, Chanel and LV! But I did not dare enter. Haha! I might like some of the bags and I will just get just frustrated since I can't afford to buy one for now. Haha! How ambitiuos can I get? Haha!

And just so I will have a remembrance, I took a picture of the facade of each boutique. Just for keeps! Haha!

In orchard as well, I was able to eat their own version of dirty ice cream. The flavored ice cream was sandwiched in between two crunchy wafers. Yum! It costs one Singaporean Dollar.

We will be going to Sentosa this coming Sunday with my aunt.I'm really excited because I will finally be seeing the famous Merlion and will be able to ride the cable ride. Hope it will not rain on that day. Haha!

I guess that's it for now. I have not been to lots of places yet since like what I said I am saving my money for more important things. Maybe if I get lucky and I will get hired, will earn my own money again, then I can just go ahead and explore the whole Singapore. Haha! Till next time.

*For more pictures, please check my friendster. You will see everything there.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

last shift.. last day at convergys..=(

It's 12:04 in the morning. Philippine time.. It's just barely six hours and im out of here.. Feels great to finally get out of hell as I told a friend a while ago.. But at the same time,I feel awful because I will be leaving my fellow devils behind.. *grin*

It has been 1 year 8 months and 7 days.. This is how long I have stayed with my call center family.. with that very brief span of time I was able to enjoy every bitter- sweet moments they had offer.. I have accepted everything that came with working in the most popular job in Philippine history.. I can say that for almost two years, this has been my life.. and I will surely miss each of them..

I will not name names already, but you know who you are.. I am very thankful and honored that in my lifetime I met wonderful people like you guys.. I will remember everything I learned from you and all the memories we had.. Keep in touch..

I may sound funny giving so much attention to this but I guess I am one those very emotional people that once I got so attached to something, saying goodbye is very hard .. Well, goodbye is not the case here anyway... I will go overseas, leave everyone behind but just like how the song goes.. somewhere down the road, our roads are gonna cross again.. see you soon! Take care everyone.. I'll do the same.. =)


I know that I have just filed a leave of absence for more than a month and I am expected to come back on April 1, 2009.. But as much as possible i don't want to be here anymore.. I don't want to waste my one month stay there only to return here.. I will do my best so that I can find a better job..

This is what I really want.. I am not holding back..

Pray for me guys.. I will be needing lots of it.. =)

Monday, February 9, 2009

personality exam.. =)

What's your personality love style?

Here is the analysis:

You desire a love that will last forever. You are quite serious about finding this type of love, and that's why you think carefully about the men that you meet before deciding whether you could really love them. You don't just develop a crush on someone overnight: you look at a person's personality and other aspects of their life before deciding to form an attachment. If a guy doesn't meet your expectations, you would rather be alone. Your love has to be perfect. Be careful though, you could be missing out on some worthy relationships because your standards are so high.